Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery

Who is the Lottery manager of KBC 2024 | Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager Number 2024

KBC premiered on 30 June 2017 and was hosted by Mr. Rana Pratap. KBC initially offered contestants a chance to win INR 25 lakhs. Now Sony TV is also offering Mr. Rana Pratap Singh to host KBC. KBC series is providing lotteries under the title of KBC Lottery 2024. Here, all SIM card users automatically call the KBC lottery holder. A few users get a chance to win the KBC lottery 2024. KBC Lottery 2024 is currently offering a level of Rs 25 lakh for your winner.

This type of KBC lottery 2024 program will help bring solutions to your household. There is no need to purchase a KBC lottery ticket or KBC register to win the KBC lottery 2024. KBC Lottery 2024 Eligibility automatically selects the winner by SIM clients. The selection process is online.  Balance recharge is the only requirement to keep customers active. Chances of winning improved with recharge instances. The longer the recharge, the higher the chance of winning KBC lottery 2024.

Latest KBC Lottery Winner 2024

According to Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, the latest 2024 KBC lottery winner is Mr. Jani Jutt. He won the lottery of 25 lakhs in KBC Lucky Draw 2024. His winning KBC lottery number is 8991. He is 30 years old from Mumbai, India. Similarly, KBC lottery winners in KBC Lucky Draw 2024 are Mr. Rahul Kumar, Mr. Vijay Sharma and Mr. Pooja Kumari. All KBC Lottery winners can claim their lottery money by visiting KBC Lottery Head Office Mumbai or by calling KBC Lottery Head Office No. +441143600006.

KBC Winner List 2024

  • Mr. Debopriyo Das KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Mr. Asif Rangrez KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Mr. Baleshwar Yadav KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Mr. Madhan Lal KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Mr. Bhupinder Singh KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Miss. Vidya Prasad KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Mr. Naveen Sahu KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Mr. Vikash Kumar KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.
  • Mr. Bittu Kumar KBC Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 44475.

This is the latest KBC lottery winner list of KBC lucky draw 2024, furthermore information please contact KBC Lottery manager Rana Pratap Singh Whatsapp Number +441143600006.

Is Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager 2024?

Dear KBC Lottery Winners, Remember Mr. Rana Pratap Singh is the Lottery Manager of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati), so if you receive any WhatsApp call or message on your WhatsApp about KBC Lottery 2024, You need to connect the KBC Lottery Manager Mr. Rana Pratap Singh Whatsapp Number +441143600006.

 This KBC Lottery 2024 season will be held in 2024. By selecting the Kbc lottery winner, the authority is updating the list of KBC lottery winners frequently. More than 100+ KBC Lottery Winners are hailed daily. KBC Lottery winning record is updating on this KBC site on regular basis.

Upgrades are done every day.  The title of KBC lottery winner along with their details are published on this KBC site. These specifications deal with evidence to maintain a transparent system. You can check your presence by checking the KBC Lottery Winner List on KBC site.

Stay Safe from KBC Fraud

To eliminate KBC fraud, you can contact KBC lottery eligibility using KBC lottery helpline contact number +441444391199. KBC Lottery Helpline Number is essential for proper communication. Otherwise, you may face fraud.

What are Rana Pratap Singh KBC chairman’s contact numbers 2024?

Now we are showing the all contact numbers of Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager:

  • Rana Pratap Singh Dialing Number +441143600006.
  • Rana Pratap Singh WhatsApp Number +441444391115.
  • Personal Number of Rana Pratap Singh +19188444471.
  • Rana Pratap Singh KBC Number +1918844458.
  • Rana Pratap Singh KBC Phone Number +441444391199.

For more information about Rana Pratap Singh phone number or how to contact Rana Pratap Singh please call KBC head office no. Which is +441444391199 Thanks. If you have any complaint about rana pratap singh you can also contact kbc head office no.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC WhatsApp Number 2024

Scam callers from Pakistan and India use the name of Mr. Rana Pratap Singh and send fake WhatsApp lottery calls/SMS to KBC lottery winners, if you receive this type of fake lottery call/SMS please Contact at Rana Pratap Singh on WhatsApp number 2024.  +441143600006.

Dear KBC Lottery Winners, if you don't have your KBC Lottery Number please contact KBC Lottery Manager Mr. Rana Pratap Singh Whatsapp Number +441143600006. You can also check latest Jio KBC Lottery 2024 here in KBC official website. Similarly we are showing complete kbc lottery winner list 2024 and KBC winner list 2024.

KBC Lucky Draw 2024 is a big lucky draw held in India, where you can win a jackpot of INR 25 Lakh to INR 7 Crore. Big B Mr. Amitabh Bachchan officially hosts the game show, and Sony Pictures Television licenses the KBC game show. The KBC game show is designed so that the audience can become millionaires at the same time. KBC Game Show offers INR 25,00,000 to INR 700,00,000 as prize money for KBC Lottery winner. Here we will also discuss how to check KBC lottery 2024 online.

Is the upcoming KBC Lucky Draw 2024 Manager Rana Pratap Singh?

Yes! Rana Pratap Singh is the manager and chairman of the next KBC Lucky Draw 2024. To participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2024, participants must first register themselves with their valid personal information. After successful registration for KBC Lucky Draw 2024, participants will be notified of their participation via email or SMS. We want to inform that there are many fake calls and messages about winning KBC lottery. If you receive any call or message from them, never share your personal information with them as they may misuse it in future and steal your valuables and hard earned money.

KBC Lottery Winner 2024 List WhatsApp

  • Miss. Devendra Singh KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.
  • Mr. Shobhit Kumar KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.
  • Miss. Roma Paul KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.
  • Miss. Gayatri Das KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.
  • Mr. Dhaval Bhagtani KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.
  • Mr. Om Prakash KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.
  • Mr. Sahu Kumar KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.
  • Mr. Bharat Thakur KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner Of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 89916.

Contact Rana Pratap Singh Lottery Manager 2024

To contact KBC Lottery Manager Mr. Rana Pratap Singh by contacting his WhatsApp numbers. To get any information related to this KBC Lottery 2024, you can contact them. You can also contact for any query regarding KBC Lottery 2024. You can contact them if you want. Moreover, they help you by providing tips and data related to winning KBC lottery. In addition, if you purchase a telephone call or message associated with winning the KBC Lottery.

You need to call the KBC head office number to ensure advice and assistance by informing the authorities. And it is also possible to meet with the authorities after verifying the fake telephone call and help them determine the fraud.

Do not follow some of the instructions provided by the scammer on the fraud call.  They can definitely cheat you. So, don't transfer any money and keep contacting KBC official head office number +441143600006.

KBC Lottery Season 2024

In KBC Lottery Winners Season 2024, you don't need to register in KBC Lucky Draw 2024. As All India SIM Card Competition is established by KBC winners 2024, it reduces registration harassment. Having an Indian cell phone number will automatically include the KBC Lucky Lure. It provides an opportunity for all people.

KBC Lottery Manager Name Whatsapp Number +441143600006

It is difficult to remember the KBC Lottery Manager WhatsApp number. If you are not getting your KBC Lottery Number, Call KBC Lottery Manager Whatsapp Number: and they will give you your KBC Lottery Number for free. There are other Jio KBC websites where you can check your Jio KBC lottery results online, but this one is the most popular. This program is easy to use; Just enter your KBC lottery number in the box on the home page, and www.allworldluckywinners.com will tell you whether your KBC lottery number is a winner or not.

Don't worry if you haven't checked the KBC lottery status of your prize yet. You can do this by visiting the KBC official website and clicking on the 'Check KBC Lottery Online' link. Then, under 'Lottery', select 'Lottery Status'. You have to provide your first and last name as well as your KBC lottery number. You can check your Jio KBC Whatsapp lottery information by clicking on 'VIEW STATUS'.

How to Check KBC Lottery Number 2024

You can also check Kbc lottery status on KBC lottery official website. This provides great convenience while also ensuring that you are well informed at all times.

8991* is the first KBC lottery number in KBC 25 lakh lottery. 2202* is the first KBC lottery number in 35 lakhs. The lottery number for 50 Lakh KBC is 89911. KBC Lottery Number for KBC 15 Lakh Jackpot is 89917. 10,000 KBC Since 1122, KBC has been a registered lottery. KBC 5 lakh registered KBC lottery starts from 8811.

For additional information about KBC Lottery Number, KBC Lottery Number, KBC Jio Lottery Number, and KBC Whatsapp Lottery Number please call KBC Lottery Helpline Number.

Winners of KBC Lottery 2024 can check KBC Lottery Number by sending an SMS to the following number: The format of the SMS should be: "KBC Lottery>." KBC lottery information is sent through SMS.

"How to Check KBC Lottery Number?"  A question that many people have. There are two basic ways to find out your KBC number. You can check your KBC lottery number by calling the KBC helpline number or using WhatsApp.

KBC Official Website

According to the official website of KBC, the KBC lottery numbers that are checked for KBC online competition are the different phone numbers that are selected. You may receive a WhatsApp message informing you that your WhatsApp number has been selected for the online KBC lucky draw. Many scammers make KBC phone calls claiming that you are the lucky number holder for KBC Lottery 2023, but don't worry, KBC has an official website or portal to check if your number is KBC Lottery winner or not.

There are many different types of numbers that you can use to get KBC Lottery online, and there are other details that you can use to double-check your information. KBC Lottery Number as well as Winners Phone Numbers. KBC Lucky Draw 2024 event has few stages. If you are a winner, check your phone number and other information to get the prize money of Rs. 25 lakhs in your bank account.  You can do anything with money; It can change your life by helping you buy your ideal home, start your own business, or buy your favorite bike or automobile, among other things.

KBC Jio Lottery Winners 2024 List

No:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:Contact Number:
1.Vijay Sharma25,00,00089916992****844
2.Jani Jutt25,00,0008991974****701
3.Shahbaz Akhtar25,00,00089917949****511
4.Faisal Fit Show25,00,00044475959****805
5.Rana Pratap25,00,00000786698****445
6.Laxmi Naryan25,00,0002202788****309

who is the bank manager of KBC.

Sony TV has confirmed the appointment of Rana Pratap Singh as their new manager from the start of the next season. KBC) revealed on 18 June that KBC had signed a contract with Rana Pratap Singh.

Who is Rana Pratap Singh in KBC?

Rana Pratap Singh is the Lottery Manager of KBC with Bollywood Superstar. The 55-year-old has hosted a TV channel, and is now the manager of KBC. 17-Jan-2024.

Who is Rana Pratap Singh KBC?

Rana Pratap Singh is the lottery manager of KBC in season 2024 and is a teacher by profession. To make good use of his position as a KBC manager, he started a YouTube channel in 2024 to help people navigate quiz shows. Reportedly, he has also started hosting Sony TV on KBC Live game show.

Who is Rana Pratap Singh in KBC?

Rana Pratap Singh belongs to Or Rajput nation, the Rajput nation is a very large caste of India.  Now Rana Pratap Singh has become the Lottery Manager of KBC.

who is the KBC manager India.

Mr. Rana Pratap Singh is the Lottery Manager of KBC in India. He hails from India and is a cast od of Rana Pratap Singh and now resides in Mumbai.

Who is Akash Verma?

Akash Verma is also the Lottery Manager of KBC from Kolkata and is known to be performing his duties in Mumbai.

Who is KBC Manager?

According to KBC, the all time Lottery Managers of KBC are Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, Mr. Akash Verma and Mr. Vijay Kumar.  But the most famous KBC lottery manager is Mr. Rana Pratap Singh. He has been a manager at KBC since 2019.

Who is the manager of KBC in 2024.

The KBC managers are: Rana Pratap Singh, Vijay Kumar, Akash Verma and Sunder Singh.

who is the lottery manager of KBC in 2024.

Rana Pratap Singh

What is the name of KBC manager in 2024?

Rana Pratap Singh

How long did Rana Pratap Singh host KBC?

Rana Pratap Singh has hosted "KBC" since its inception in 2013, except for the fourth season in 2017, which was hosted by Vijay Kumar.  Apart from hosting KBC, Rana Pratap Singh had a busy 2022 as he acted in 3 films - "Goni", "Ganiyal Banaya Kya Zindagi" and "Aur Rajput".

KBC Lottery Winner 2024 | KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2024

Have you ever dreamed of becoming KBC SIM Card Lottery Winner 2024 or KBC Lottery Winner 2024? KBC Lottery 2024 has been providing extraordinary opportunities to people since its inception, and with the upcoming edition, you can be the next KBC Lucky Winner 2024 or KBC SIM Card Lucky to participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2024 or KBC SIM Card Lucky Draw. Winners can be 2024. Please call KBC head office number which is +441143600006 or visit KBC head office.

In this comprehensive guide, we will let you know everything you need to know about winning the KBC lottery in 2024 or becoming a KBC SIM card lottery winner. By understanding how kbc lucky draw or kbc sim card lucky draw works strategies to increase your chances. Win, we have got you covered. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of KBC and SIM card lotteries in 2024!

KBC Lottery Winner 2024

According to KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Top KBC Lucky Draw 2024 Winners are Mr. Jani Jutt, Mr. Imran Khan DK, and Mr. Faisal for Big Show KBC Lucky Draw 2024. All of them won huge prize money. Also precious gift hampers which are not only rare but also very useful. The whole process of KBC Lottery 2024 was strictly monitored by the government authorities and no wrongdoing was reported during the whole period of KBC Lottery 2024. KBC Lottery 2024 winners are now living in luxury with their winnings KBC Lottery in 2024.

The procedure of KBC Lottery 2024 is simple, you just need to register yourself for the upcoming KBC Lucky Draws 2024 and wait for your luck. There are certain eligibility requirements that must be met to participate in the lottery such as, you must be an Indian citizen and must be above 18 years of age. Registration for KBC Lottery 2024 is free but if you are selected then only you have to pay a certain amount according to the deposits.

For more information about KBC Lottery 2024, you can visit KBC's official website which is www.allworldluckywinners.com or contact KBC customer service representatives by calling the toll-free number provided on this KBC website. Can contact which is +441444391199. They will be more than happy to help you and answer all your lottery related questions.

How to become KBC Lottery Winner 2024

The KBC Lottery 2024 offers a great chance to become a KBC Lottery winner in 2024. With the right strategy and knowledge, you can increase your chances of winning many KBC Lottery prizes in 2024. If you want to help make it easier for you, here are some vital tips on how to succeed in the KBC lottery 2024: 

According to kbc (kaun banega crorepati) you can participate in kbc lucky draw 2024 and win exciting kbc lottery winner prizes. KBC offers you 25 lakh to 7 crore, dream homes, bikes, golds, cars, and many more valuable lottery prizes. You can participate in the KBC Lottery 2024 by registering your phone or whatsapp number with the official KBC site or through other reliable sources. You can also get assistance from KBC Officials for the KBC lottery registration process. After successful KBC lottery registration you will receive a verification message.

How to check KBC Lottery online 2024

Dear customers, if you want to check KBC lottery online in 2024 you must take the following steps:

  • Visit the KBC official lottery website which is (www.allworldluckywinners.com).
  • On the KBC lottery number check page, you will find the check kbc lottery portal.
  • Once you click on kbc lottery number check portal, you will be taken to a page where you can check your lottery in 2024.
  • Choose the type of kbc lotteries in 2024 you want to check and click ‘Continue’.
  • You will then be presented with a kbc lottery number check page where you can find all the details about the selected kbc lottery 2024 including its cost, kbc lottery prize money and other important details.
  • Enter Your Winner phone number and your lottery number.
  • After that click on the Check kbc lottery button, your kbc lottery result 2024 will be shown.

How to Contact in KBC Head Office

KBC Head Office is the point of contact for any query related to kbc lottery 2024. The kbc team can be contacted both online and by phone, with details available on the kbc official website.

For general inquiries about kbc and kbc support from KBC head office, customers just need to fill a simple form on kbc official website. Alternatively, they can call +441143600006 and ask the KBC Lottery team to be dispatched.

If you are a kbc lottery winner in 2024, KBC head office can provide you with the necessary information to claim kbc lottery prize money. Kbc's official team will guide you through the process of verifying your identity and transferring funds from the company's bank account to your own account.

KBC Head Office is also available to assist with any queries and concerns related to kbc lottery 2024. They work hard to give kbc players a safe and enjoyable experience while playing KBC Lottery 2024.

KBC Head Office will be there for you every step of the way, helping to ensure that your kbc lottery playing experience is safe and enjoyable. If you need help or have any questions, contact them today. They are here to make sure your kbc lottery experience is as smooth and successful as possible!

In addition, KBC Head Office can provide you with advice on how to maximize your chances of winning kbc lottery 2024. The kbc team of experts will advise you on the best strategies to play the game and guide you through the different game types.

What is KBC Lucky Draw in 2024

KBC lucky draw 2024 is a kbc lottery program organized by KBC to give lottery cash prizes and gifts to kbc lottery winners. The kbc lottery program is open to all participants who are 18+ years of age and have a valid Indian phone or WhatsApp number registered with the KBC network.

If you want to participate in kbc lucky draw 2024 then you need to first buy a Jio SIM card from your nearest retailer. After buying a Jio SIM, you will be given a unique code which you need to enter on the official kbc website. Once your entry is verified, you are automatically eligible for kbc lucky draw 2024.

kbc lucky draw 2024 KBC lottery winners will be selected through a computerized selection process. Selected KBC winners will be contacted via registered phone or WhatsApp numbers with instructions on how to collect kbc lottery prizes in 2024. KBC Lottery winners will need to provide an Aadhaar card for verification before receiving the Kbc Lottery prize money.

KBC Lottery 2024 Guide is the official online resource for all KBC Lottery participants who want to participate in kbc lucky draw 2024. Here, you can find detailed information about the kbc lottery program and participating sims, as well as answers to frequently asked questions such as KBC Lottery Questions

The official KBC team also provides a comprehensive guide on how to spot and avoid fraudulent lotteries in the name of KBC. We strongly advise all participants to read this guide before entering kbc lottery 2024 program, as it will help protect them from falling prey to scams. Additionally, KBC Lottery Guide offers an email subscription service that allows participants to stay updated with the latest lottery news and updates.

We invite all participants to join kbc lucky draw 2024 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes! So don't wait, check the KBC Lottery Guide now and participate in this exciting program today.

Eligibility Criteria Of KBC Lottery 2024

Dear customers, if you want to participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2024, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  1. Participants must be Indian citizens.
  2. They must be at least 18+ years of age at the time of registration.
  3. Participants should have valid identity documents like Aadhaar cards.
  4. Must have a working phone or WhatsApp number and email address for communication purposes.
  5. Production KBC Company employees, their family members, and show affiliates are not eligible to participate.
  6. Now that we have covered the basics of KBC Lucky Draw 2024, let's move on to some strategies that can help increase your chances of winning in 2024.

Check Airtel Lottery Result Online 2024 | KBC Airtel Lottery Ticket Result 2024

The Airtel lottery result 2024 is coming soon, and this time, in the KBC Airtel lucky draw you can register online for the Airtel lucky draw. This registration is very easy and completely free, registration is open to people from all over India. Registering is easy. Do you know airtel sim lottery number, airtel lottery winner 2024 list, airtel phone users can send a blank sms to +441143600006 to know airtel lottery number of that particular sim and airtel winner list. Please note that to know the airtel lottery number you need to send this sms from the sim card itself.

Important news for Airtel customers who have registered online for the Airtel Lottery 2024 session 2024 under KBC. Yes, the Airtel 2024 session lottery result will be out on 30th January 2024.

Airtel Daily Bumper Lottery Result Today: Overview

OrganizationAirtel Lucky Daily Bumper
Lottery NameAirtel Lucky Lottery
Prize Money (1st)Rs. 25,00,000/-
Prize Money (2nd)Rs. 10,00,000/-
Prize Money (3rd)Rs. 5,00,000/-
Draw DaysFriday – Sunday
Draw time11 AM & 6 PM

Airtel Daily Bumper Result Today – 11:00 AM (30.1.2024)

Draw No8991
Draw Time11:00 AM
1st Prize (Rs. 25,00,000/-)0150
2nd Prize (Rs. 10,00,000/-)2144
3rd Prize (Rs. 5,00,000/-)623

Airtel Lottery Result 2024 Online

Airtel lotteries used to announce live results daily from 11:10 AM and KBC Lottery Official Result PDF will be available on their official website after 12:00 PM.

Dear KBC Airtel lottery winners, If you don't know how to check the Airtel lottery online then please contact the Airtel KBC lottery head office 00441444391199. Similarly you can also check KBC lottery winning results on this website.

Do you want to know your lottery number or want to check your name in KBC latest winner list 2024, then you are on the right website. Because on this official website of KBC you can check the latest list of winners and lottery numbers or all winners regularly. If you have won the lottery but your name or lottery number is not visible on this website, please do not delay and call KBC Lottery head office number +441143600006 as soon as possible. When you receive the lottery number and you have checked your lottery number online, please contact KBC phone number and get your lottery money in your bank account.

KBC Airtel Lottery Winner List 2024

  • Mr. Radoun Rasif KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Aman Prajapati KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Mustafa Ayub KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Subhendu Pramanik KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Hafi Rehman KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Nirmal Barman KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Lakhan Singh KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Arif Joy KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.
  • Mr. Alam Ansari KBC Airtel Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh Winning Lottery Number is 8991.

For more info about KBC Airtel lottery winners list 2024 or about kbc lottery winner list 2024 please contact KBC Airtel lottery office number +441143600006. Airtel kbc lucky draw 2024 list updated here each month. So keep connected to kbc Airtel lottery website. KBC Airtel lottery winning number 8991.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2024 Airtel

Dear Airtel SIM card users, to know your KBC Airtel lottery number online in 2024, you just need to check the KBC Airtel lottery winner 2024 list on kbc airtel lottery official website. After that, now you can contact us through kbc airtel lottery office number. That's the gist of everything, but we'll break it down further into subsections below to tackle the topic comprehensively.


KBC Airtel SIM Card Lucky Draw 2024 has many Kbc Airtel Lottery Winner 2024 cheats.  These people try to cheat people by making fake calls. If you receive a call or notification saying that you are a kbc airtel lottery winner, don't worry. Call the Airtel Lottery Office number to verify if it is true.

Unfortunately, many of these fake numbers are from Pakistan. Thus, the code is +923 or 00923. If someone tells you that you won the lottery, don't believe it until you verify with us. Never make a deposit to claim any prize. Airtel will not ask for money from its winners before releasing its prizes. This is one way to spot a fake collar.

If you receive a text or email instead of a call, don't reply or follow any links. They can hack your accounts from here. We update our site with lottery winners every day, so you can easily check.

Kon Baniga Crodpati (KBC) is a well known Indian tv game show where people can earn money by answering questions correctly. But every year, when KBC airs a new season, fraud people always come up with a technique to deceive innocent people with the name of KBC. They use WhatsApp as a medium and scam the people by sending messages to them saying they have won the lottery in a lucky draw.

It is rumored that the imposter lured the Indian citizen by sending them an announcement showing that they had won the 25 lakh rupee lottery. For that, they will tell you to send them a processing fee. Therefore, think before reacting and be careful of such messages or calls; ignore them if you receive any of them through WhatsApp. Because it may seem convincing to you at first, but you will get scammed if you trust it. Kbc management team or the manager of the KBC WhatsApp lottery never sends the winner a message through WhatsApp, let alone asking for money from the winner. So, beware of such imposters and scammers.

What Is KBC Lottery 2024

Are you thinking about getting a lottery ticket from KBC? But you do not know what the KBC lottery is all about? So, KBC came up with a fantastic scheme called Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot paired up with Pharmeasy. People can earn 1 lakh rupee every Friday, Amitabh Bacchan will ask a question, and the people have to answer it correctly by the upcoming Tuesday. In this way, ten fortunate winners can get a chance to win a 1 lakh rupee every week.

So, after the successful plot in the initial days, people used to get their lottery number from the KBC head office. Later on, when people responded to a vast number, the KBC team changed the method to online so that people could get their ticket numbers from online without any hassle.

How To Check KBC Lottery Number Online

Suppose you want to win a cash prize from the KBC lottery, but you do not know how to check your status. To let you know in the early time, KBC checked the lottery number in the presence of their manager named Rana Pratab Singh. But afterward, they converted the system to online. They have opened an online portal to check KBC lottery numbers.

When you register for the lottery, you will receive a lottery number from Kon Baniga Crodpati. So on the online portal, add your lottery number and phone number. In this way, you can quickly check your lottery status online.

KBC Lottery Kaise Check Karen

KBC lottery number online check karny k liye ap sab sy pehly KBC head office number +19188444458 par call kar k apna lottery number receive karin. KBC lottery number leny k bad ap apna mobile number and lottery number enter karin, lottery number enter karny k baad check par click karin apka lottery result ap k samny show ho jaiye ga.

How Can I Check My KBC Lottery 2024

Checking KBC lottery status has become easier than before. In 2024 they have launched a new lottery called the KBC jio lottery, where you can quickly get yourself registered for the KBC lottery by recharging your phone number.

So how can I check my lottery status? That is the big question here. So now I can check my lottery online status by going to the KBC lottery number check online portal. I have to send a message to the KBC lottery number with my jio number. For that, no fee will be deducted. I will receive a message that will include my KBC lottery ticket number if I5 add that lottery ticket number and my phone number to the KBC online portal. Then I will be able to see my online status easily.

What Is Kbc Lottery Winner

Who would not want to win a lottery for free? KBC has come up with a lottery system where people can earn up to 25 lakh rupees. That means people can win money by staying in their house.

To participate in the KBC lottery, you will need a KBC lottery ticket number, which you will get by registering for the KBC lottery. Again, for some reason, if you can not register through your phone number, then contact with KBC Head office manager; they will solve your problem with a blink of your eyes. Dial KBC’s hotline number for the lottery check- +19188444458 to get your KBC lottery ticket number. So, in this way, lucky participants can win a 25 lakh rupee through a random draw by participating in the KBC lottery.

Who Is The Lottery Manager Of Kbc

KBC is one of the famous Indian game shows that people watch with great enthusiasm. You can directly join the game show to win a cash prize by playing the game or register yourself in a lottery where you can also win a cash prize.

Since KBC is a famous show, people get fooled by it quite frequently. KBC’s lottery manager’s name is Rana Pratap Singh. He and his management team are in charge of the lottery scheme as everyone can easily win the lottery by recharging their sim card. Some fraud people send messages to the people by faking to be Rana Pratap Singh. So, it would be best if you kept in mind that the manager does not make any calls regarding the lottery to any people. So, if you get any message that mentions that you won a lottery, ignore it, as it is definitely a scam. So immediately report it to the official number of KBC- +19188444458 and do not send any money even by mistake. Because only with the authorized number of KBC, they contact the winner of the lottery scheme, and KBC never demands any cash in return for the lottery.

How To Check Kbc Lottery Winner 2024

Who would not want to be a millionaire in a day? It will be a dream come true moment for us if we can win a 25 lakh rupee while staying at home. Kbc has been going on for over a decade now, and they have allowed us to win a cash prize by participating in the KBC lottery. But the issue is if you do not know the procedure, then it will be an exhausting phase for you. So, you can ask how you are going to check whether you won the lottery or not.

Therefore, you can check online if you are unsure about your lottery status; also, you can directly call or message the KBC lottery head office. Both options are available for you to check if you are the winner or not. So, if you are still unsure about this matter, then let me explain it to you. When you call the KBC WhatsApp number +19188444458, you will be able to know your status by seeing the winning list of the KBC lottery. Then you will surely know if you won the cash prize or not. So now you know what you need to do to check if you are the winner of the KBC lottery or not.

How To Participate In KBC Lottery

Joining a lottery contest can be very tricky at times. But if we talk about the KBC lottery scheme, it is not something to worry about. Apparently, it is the easiest contest to join in. Because in the KBC lottery contest, you won’t have to go through any hassle to participate.

So now you have a question on your mind: if it is so easy to participate, then what do I need to do to join the contest. The KBC lottery scheme is not like any other lottery contest. Anybody from India can participate in the game. If you are an Indian, all you have to do is keep recharging your sim card frequently then you will get registered by the sim company spontaneously. Which means you won’t have to do it by yourself. But here is one more thing: if you have any problem or can not get yourself registered for the contest. Then you may have to contact the KBC lottery head office, and they will help you to get registered for the contest. So, in this way, you can participate in the KBC lottery easily without going through any problems.

What Is KBC Jio Lottery

KBC jio lottery is the new way to register for the KBC lottery. You do not need to register for the lottery in this method because KBC lucky draw 2024 is now paired up with the sim operating companies. So, your sim number is already registered in the KBC lucky draw.

So, how can you register yourself in the lottery process? There are two options available for you, and firstly you need to continuously recharge your number, secondly as a new user, call the KBC head office +19188444458. Also, you do not need any specific sim to register for the KBC lottery; you can use any sim company as long as it is an Indian sim company.

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