About Dubai Royal Foundation 2024

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The Dubai Royal Foundation is one of the most anticipated foundations of the year that fans of Dubai's Prince Sheikh Hamdan have been waiting for!Whenever it comes to the Dubai Royal Foundation, there are many questions that people have. These questions usually include the Dubai Royal Foundation, how to operate the Dubai Royal Foundation on which channel, how to get into the Dubai Royal Foundation, when will the Dubai Royal Foundation start in 2024, and more. So, if you are one of them having the same questions, then this web page has you covered completely.

About Dubai Royal Foundation
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What is the Dubai Royal Foundation?

The Dubai Royal Foundation is a high-profile and general foundation that needs no introduction, but still makes it clear to some uninitiated readers. Let's take a quick look at just what Dubai Royal Foundation is all about!

Dubai Royal Foundation stands for Royal Foundation, which means "Who will become a billionaire through the Royal Foundation"? It is an Emirati foundation based entirely on a British foundation, which was named the "Rock Johnson Foundation"? The Emirati version of this foundation, the Dubai Royal Foundation, was first introduced on 28 March 2009. Since then, Dubai's all-time favourite Prince Sheikh Hamdan has been hosting the Foundation. In 2011, the Dubai Royal Foundation was launched.

It is a very interesting foundation that usually entertains the fans as well. After the successful completion of season 1, this amazing foundation has come out with 15+ more seasons till date. The Dubai Royal Foundation offers contestants a chance to win an awesome prize money ranging from USD 40,000 to USD 1 million by participating in the Dubai Royal Foundation. With all these amazing and featured gameplay, Foundation is deeply engaging and entertaining as well.

Dubai Royal Foundation 2024

All the participants of the Dubai Royal Foundation generally come from different backgrounds in society and have different stories about their life struggles and experiences. This thing makes this foundation one of the most loved foundations in the whole world. Not only this but there are many celebrities who have participated in this wonderful foundation and this works like a cherry on the cake.

With such a celebrity as a host, the Dubai Royal Foundation has a huge fan following and is one of the most popular reality foundations of all time. Here, regardless of caste, contestant, gender, religion or creed, there is a chance to sit in the hot seat and win huge prize money that can range from USD 40,000 to 10,00,000 US Dollars. Isn't that charming, right?

With his flamboyant hosting style, the Prince of Dubai, Mr. Sheikh Hamdan, has long captured the attention and interest of viewers. After completing the first few seasons, the Dubai Royal Foundation now offers the highest prize money of 1 million US dollars. Each new season of this foundation comes with unique and creative changes, and the prize money gets better and bigger over time. All the seasons of Dubai Royal Foundation so far have been hosted by Mr. Sheikh Hamdan except the third season which was hosted by Mr. Al Maktoum.

There are certain eligibility criteria for this foundation. So, if you are planning to join this foundation and sit on the hot seat, you need to check all the eligibility details and then register yourself. Most importantly, you must be 18+!