Vijay Kumar KBC Lottery | Vijay Kumar KBC Officer | Vijay Kumar KBC Jio

Vijay Kumar is a very capable officer. He is a very gentleman. He is an online officer. Vijay Kumar is the second main officer of KBC. he is very serious about the KBC and does hard work. In the list of KBC main officer's Vijay Kumar is in 2nd position. That's why KBC selected him as the lottery manager.

KBC Vijay Kumar Whatsapp Number | Vijay Kumar KBC Whatsapp Number

Real Whatsapp Contact Number Of Vijay Kumar +19188444467. If you are serious about the KBC lottery then please contact if you are a time waster guys then vijay kumar will block you. Call now only whatsapp +19188444467.

KBC Vijay Kumar

KBC Vijay Kumar Contact Number | Vijay Kumar KBC Contact Number

No doubt, I think that Vijay Kumar is a very intelligent Officer of KBC. The latest lottery amount transferred by vijay kumar is 75 lacs. Vijay  Kumar can transfer lottery amounts in a limit of 10 lacs to 1crore. If your winning prize is 10 lacs to 1crore then contact vijay kumar +19188444467.

KBC Vijay Kumar Aadhar Card

We can't upload vijay kumar aadhaar cards on the website or any social platform. This is against KBC rules we cannot break the rules of KBC so please if you want to see Vijay Kumar adhaar card please contact him personally then you can see.

Vijay Kumar KBC Officer Picture 

We have uploaded some pictures of vijay kumar on the website you can vijay kumar through the pictures or you can do a video call on his whatsapp number now it depends on you how you want to see KBC officer Vijay Kumar.

KBC Vijay Kumar Ka Photo | KBC Vijay Kumar Photo

Vijay Kumar ka photo ap KBC ki es website par bhi dekh sakte ho or vijay kumar k sath whatsapp par contact kar ke bhi dekh sakte ho. Jo pic aap yahan dekho ge wahin real vijay kumar ka photo hai agr koi aur vyakti apko kehta hai keh vo vijay kumar hai or koi dusri pic dekhata hai to vo fake hai.

Vijay Kumar KBC Manager |  Vijay Kumar KBC Mumbai

Vijay is a very old and honestable officer. Vijay Kumar works in KBC Mumbai main branch. Vijay Kumar have all the information about your lottery. Vijay Kumar duty time is 9am to 10pm between this time you can contact.

KBC Contact Number Mumbai | KBC Contact No

The KBC Live show is played in Mumbai head office. If you want to join KBC Live Game show then first off all contact us on this number +19188444467. You can buy a KBC ticket online and get some information about how you can play KBC with Amitabh Bachan.

KBC Contact Number Mumbai 2024

KBC contact number 2024 is launched on this website. KBC have imo, whatsapp toll free and sim numbers you can contact through social media platforms or dialing phone numbers. You can contact me to get your lottery information. Contact number +19188444467.

KBC Real Head Office Number

The real head office number is mentioned on this website only. Here you can get the real information about KBC. Don't go to another website because on google there are some fake websites so please care for yourself and contact us +19188444467.

KBC Vijay Kumar

KBC Real Or Fake | Is KBC Real Or Fake Lottery 2024

Now everyone watches the KBC show live and now everyone knows KBC is real but there are some scammers who make KBC fake. We can't do anything about the scammers because they are from Pakistan. Remember this Pakistan country code +92. If anyone receives any calls of +92 country code please block him.

KBC Real Website 

This is a KBC Real Website. What are the benefits of the real website? on the real website you can check your lottery number online, you can see the latest lottery winner list of KBC, get the real contact number of KBC, see the latest winner list of KBC, and join the KBC Lucky Draw online.

KBC Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar From KBC | KBC Vijay Kumar | Vijay Kumar KBC

In KBC Vijay Kumar is a big officer and truthful. Many fake people using the name of Mr. Vijay Kumar for scamming. Mind out, don't believe anyone who says that I'm Vijay Kumar. If you really want to contact the real Vijay Kumar. Here is the solemn contact number of Vijay Kumar +19188444467.

Vijay Whatsapp Number Real 2024

Dear Jio KBC customers, If you want to get more information about the Jio KBC lottery winners 2024, Jio KBC Lucky Draw 2024 Winners List, Jio KBC Lottery 2024, Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2024 List, Jio KBC Whatsapp Lucky Draw 2024, Jio KBC Whatsapp Lottery 2024. So you need to contact Vijay Kaumar's Whatsapp Number 2024 which is +19188444467. You can also contact Vijay Kumar's Whatsapp Number 2024 for the latest Jio KBC Lottery Winner List 2024 and The Jio KBC Whatsapp lottery winner 2024 help. All the Jio KBC Lottery winners can also contact Vijay Kumar's Whatsapp Number 2024 to get a Jio KBC winning lottery amount in your bank accounts.

Vijay Phone Number Whatsapp Number

Dear KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winners, You can get the Phone Number and Whatsapp Number of KBC Lottery Manager Vijay Kumar. These are an official Phone Number and Whatsapp Number KBC Lottery Manager Vijay Kumar which is such as Phone Number +19892824121 and Whatsapp Number is +19188444467. You can contact the Phone number and Whatsapp Number of the KBC Lottery Manager Vijay Kumar anytime. These Numbers are available at all times for KBC Lottery Winners and KBC Whatsapp Imo Lottery Winners.